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Our church ministries reach out to both believers and non-believers in a genuine effort to build the Body of Christ by serving together in addition to:

1. Encourage people to develop a deeper and   more meaningful relationship with God
2. Exemplify biblical principles
3. Evangelize the unbelievers
4. Educate and empower the believers

The Ministries of Abundant Blessings Church

This ministry’s purpose is to lead the church in targeting, training and transitioning through a comprehensive program of spiritual development through Bible study.

This ministry’s purpose is to take the message of hope and healing from ABC to the ends of the earth. They also enlist and develop team members to serve on local evangelism and global mission teams.

This ministry’s purpose is to build faith in God through spirit-filled prayer and the Word of God and to experience the power of the believer through anointed prayer.

This ministry’s purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing and embracing varied expressions of worship with music.

This ministry’s purpose is to visit various communities to share the Gospel and win souls for Christ.
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